• GovHack2017 Bounty: Awarded for the best solution to assist in the growth and development of sustainable cities.

High performance modelling, simulation and optimisation.

Developing data analysis and visualisation tools for Transport Canberra.

An efficient public transport network should make it easy for commuters to go from where they are to where they want to be, while making optimal use of available government funds for public transport infrastructure and spending.

In collaboration with Transport ACT, we developed Express: a software tool to assist network planners improve Canberra’s public transport scheduling.

Our tool correlated real world data sources including traffic, infrastructure, and population growth statistics with commuter tap-on-tap-off data. This data was integrated into a bespoke data structure to enable microsecond queries, aggregation and correlations on consumer hardware. We served a HTTP REST API to our data structure and integrated it into web based visualisations and a data exploration interface.

Our high performance data structure enabled novel meta-analysis of the data. For example, hypothetical service timetables can be tested against commuter density statistics to track changes in real time.