ClickedIn (formerly OfficePool)

  • Finalist Bankisa Ignite Challenge: To find an innovation that promotes carpooling in cities.

Product development and UX design.

We designed and formulated the business case for a mobile platform to incentivise carpooling to and from the workplace.

With increasing fuel prices and the imminent need to reduce our carbon footprint, the practical benefits of carpooling are clear. However, the biggest obstacle to user engagement is the difficulty to foster trust between passengers.

We realised that since the most common carpooling opportunity is to-and-from the workplace, we could use the trust in professional relationships to make carpooling attractive to users.

ClickedIn (formerly OfficePool) connects commuters belonging to companies sharing the same office block. New users are verified by their employer and connected to other nearby workers. Employees are incentivised to participate both because of cost-savings and networking opportunities; Employers are incentivised to participate since their support of the platform can be used to meet sustainability KPIs.

Through ClickedIn, we will build a carpooling economy around the workplace, delivering financial and professional benefits to both employees and employers.